Select The Best Belt Style For Their Body Shape

Choose your belts wisely as it has the power to trim off or add extra pounds to your figure. You can wear belts in many ways to highlight your body features. Here are some tricks for those who just don;t know how to select the best belt style for their body.


What you need to know?

But in order to know which belt will suit you and which will not, the family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif very first thing you need to know is your body shape which means do you have a short waist or long waist. And after that, do you have straight or full hips as this may influence the style of belts you must opt for to flatter your shape.

How to Wear a Belt Women

Earlier a belt was supposed to be worn around the waist with trousers, pants or denims. No matter what, a belt look best when wore around the natural waist as this accentuates the narrowest point on the torso. But with changing fashion, girls have become creative with belts. Now, a belt can be worn over a dress or a long shirt and can sit low or high on the torso.

SKINNY BELTS FOR PETITE AND SHORT WAIST GIRLS: Girls with a short waist should stick to a thin belt or Skinny Belt and family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif should stay away from wide belts which can overwhelm their figure and make them look more shorter. On the other hand, slim or skinny belts will balance you out. These skinny belts are totally in vogue these days and add a delicate touch to an outfit. You can wear skinny belts with dress, cardigan, skirts, shirt, shorts, jeans, pants, coats etc which will add a smart look to your outfit.


A skinny belt helps in defining your waist. You can wear a skinny belt that matches the color of your outfit as it will cinch the waist and highlights your curves without breaking the silhouette and thus gives the illusion of a taller figure. Another option is to wear belts in neutrals such as brown, black, white, beige and gray but please avoid styling a belt with a contrasting color because this will create the illusion of even more shorter waist.


Make your dull outfit come to life by adding a skinny belt to it which are very light and comfortable and you will barely feel like you are wearing a belt.

BROAD OR WIDE BELTS FOR BIG WAIST GIRLS OR THOSE WHO HAVE APPLE SHAPED BODY: Girls who have Apple Shaped Body and has big waist should go for wide and thicker belts.


This will break up the length of your waist and make your body appear more balanced. Wear belt a few inches below your waist to draw attention away from your big waist.

Wear a wide belt with skirts: Wear a feminine, floral and light colored skirt and team it up with a wide belt to make your outfit stand out. A flowy skirt and a wide belt is a win-win combination. Check out Anushka in the pic below. A thick belt will give you the illusion of a shorter waist that’s more balance for your body shape.


Wear a wide belt with a maxi dress: A belt which is cinched on your waist can easily bring out your curves and make the maxi dress look a lot more shaped. Also, the higher up the waist it is, the slimmer you look.


You can also wear a belt at a higher place, under the bust, to create an empire style.

Wear a wide belt with denims: Accentuate your simple shirt and denims look by wearing a bold and wide belt with it. A wide belt will draw attention to the length of your torso.


LARGE BELTS FOR GIRLS WITH LARGE BODY FRAME: Girls with larger body frame which means who are tall and curvy should go for larger belt. Larger belts will conceal that excess weight around the tummy.


You can also go for wide elastic belt that will serve as a body shaper and slim down your tummy. But if you have a large chest then avoid very thick or wide belts as it’ll only make your waist look short.

Girls with hourglass figures can wear almost all kinds of belts: A girl with hourglass figure should wear belts to highlight those curves. So, style yourself with variety of textures and styles in belts. A chic way to wear a long scarf is to tuck it into a belt.


Belts with Saree: Experiment a bit with your looks and go slightly edgy by wearing a belt with your saree. Sari-belts certainly work as the best accessories and make you look like a real fashionista.



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